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Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Our 200 hrs of certified yoga teacher training course based on Hatha/Ashtanga yoga covers detailed concepts of ashtanga yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga has numerous benefits like a stronger immune system, increased circulation and releases muscle tension. Braham Yoga has come up with Ashtanga Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh to gain strength and flexibility. The Ashtanga teacher training course is a perfect opportunity for those who wants to have a healthy physical and mental health. It is a system of yoga which synchronizes the postures with breath and ensures that blood circulates more freely. It detoxifies the muscles and organs of body.

The Ashtanga yoga course has well-structured modules that will fit in with the requirements set by the 200 hours yoga alliance standards. It includes moral and ethical guidelines, concentration, meditation and breath work. Certificates are also provided on successful completion of course. Braham Yoga aims at giving a complete knowledge about meditation, asanas and mudras.

This is a form of yoga that combines a series of postures with rhythmic breathing for internal cleansing. It tones muscles, releases stress, lower blood pressure and help in weight control. If your mind generates unnecessary thoughts then Ashtanga yoga teacher training will help in calming restless thoughts and promoting inner peace. Practice yoga and honor inner wisdom.

The aim of our Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Program is for everyone to be an accomplished and qualified yoga practitioner & teacher.

What you will take back from this Course

  • A daily routine of practicing Yoga and being able to handle the vagaries of life.
  • A confidence and capability to be able to teach effectively in a yoga class or individually.
  • An internationally valid certification which allows you to teach worldwide and registry as RYT200 with Yoga Alliance too.

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