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Before the Course

You can join our Retreat either you are practicing yoga or you are a beginner.

Ans. Maximum 20 seats are there in a Retreat program.

Ans. You should bring comfortable clothing for your practice along with essentials that you carry with you while traveling. Also please bring towels, and toiletries like soap, shampoo etc. for Indian locations. You can also carry notebook and pen, natural mosquito repellent, alarm clock, an open mind and most importantly, a sense of humor!
For the rainy season, you need to carry the raincoat and umbrella.

Ans. Consult with your local Doctor and try to get them before you come if you really need one based on Doctor's advice.

Ans. Upon registration, we will pass you the contact details of our Course Manager. He/She can be contacted any time. Feel free to communicate with them to have an answer to all your quarries.

Ans. Sure we can. Please let us know your flight schedule and we can make the necessary arrangement as long as you inform us in advance. It's free from us and you don’t have to pay anything to the driver. If you wish to pay the TIP, you can pay the maximum of INR.100.

During the Course

Ans. Yes, you will have time before the classe and after the class.

Ans. We accept students from any ethnicity, religion and country with open arms. In fact, most of our students come from foreign countries. Some of our teachers are also not of Indian origin but are yogis of great stature.

Ans. No, it’s not refundable. We have arranged special yogic vegetarian meals and do not encourage you to eat out. But if you wish to, you can but the amount paid for your meals during your stay is not refundable.

Ans. As long as you inform us in advance, we should be able to take care. Please do let us know before booking your course and will let you know. So far we have taken care of special requirements of Vegan, No-Gluten, and No-Nuts etc.

Ans. No, there is no refrigerator in the room in Indian centers. However kitchen has one, in case you would like to store anything there.

Ans. In India SIM can't be activated so fast. Minimum time required is 24 hours after submitting all the documents. You will need to submit copy of your passport and passport size photo.

Ans. Most of the shops accept cash only in INR currency in India. But there are few money changers around to change the currency.

Ans. Yes, there are ATMs near all our centers but daily withdraw limit is INR.10K in India.

Ans. You can always drop an email to brahamyog@yahoo.com If you are not feeling comfortable with something during the course, please inform us immediately so that we can get them fixed.

Ans. Yes of course, you can. Feel free to share your thoughts and if you need photos, you can get them from our Facebook page. It will be appreciated if you can share the post with us once you have posted it.