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Kundalini Yoga Retreat Rishikesh India

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Kundalini Yoga Retreat Program in Rishikesh, India

Kundalini, the Serpent power in coiled form, is the source of untapped potential energy residing in the spinal cord of every human. It is the force that enslaves and liberates the individual soul. In coiled form, it is the same energy which maintains the human existence, in uncoiled form, it the force which is the cause of human spiritual development. Basically, Kundalini is a special energy circles in human body which resides in the lower centre. Due to its lower flow, the human being are aligned with different attachments and fear which leads towards sorrow. Kundalini Yoga retreat practice brings the awareness of consciousness to upward the flow the that specific energy and achieve the peace inside.

Kundalini Yoga Meditation retreat is an opportunity to those students who want to explore the deep philosophical concept of Kundalini Yoga. Through ancient & innovative teaching techniques of Kundalini yoga, our experienced mentor helps you to activate your Kundalini energy and experience its practical implication. This retreats is focused on expansion and awareness of energy & information. Through this retreat, we inspire an evolution in dignity, strength and consciousness.

During this retreat, our experts will teach you some of the core techniques of Kundalini Yoga, primarily pranayama, to stir up this kundalini power within us. Our mentor will focus on the practices to deepen the meditative state, teaching you how to use this energy to propel yourselves progressively higher into states of expanded awareness. You will learn how to approach the awakening from multiple perspectives. During this activation process, the important point is to upsurge of the energy and keeping the mind focused and absorbed. The objective of this treat to achieve the balance between transcendence and immanence.

  • Kundalini Yoga Retreat Program Course Dates
  • 19th - 24th Nov 2018
  • 14th - 19th Oct 2018

Kundalini Yoga Retreat

Kundalini Yoga Retreat Rishikesh India
Kundalini Yoga Retreat Rishikesh India

From the ancient time, the practice of kundalini yoga is focused to move this kundalini energy from lower center i.e. Mooladhaar to top most center i.e. Aagya Chakra. There are seven energy center in human body and each centre has its own property which is associated with energy for specific benefit and meaning. Kundalini Yoga retreat is a journey, a practice, a process and a science that connects you with your deepest self, with your soul. Kundalini Yoga is an incredibly powerful pathway that helps us to be unique and to improve the quality of our lives.

Brahma Yoga offers Kundalini Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh. This retreat is customized in such a manner that a student will get a good hand on philosophical concept and enough yoga practice to experience it. This retreat discovers our mind through various meditation and breathing techniques as a tool to clarify the questions and relations between mind and body; between outside and inside. This Kundalini Yoga Meditation Retreat program based on the traditional scriptures such as Hatha Yoga & Ashtanga.

Everyday’s schedule & itinerary of this retreat consists of the balance of concept of kundalini yoga & meditation and its practical techniques. Everyday, you will get practical sessions and workshops for Kundalini yoga. Our expert professionals teach and participate in this retreat carry a deep experience of living and teaching the system of Kundalini Yoga in a natural environment.

We will provide useful and informative handouts on Chakras i.e. Energy Circles, various Kriya techniques and practices for each Chakra.

Each Day workshop or practice sessions on:
  • Every morning Hatha, Kriya and Kundalini Yoga postures, Pranayama and kundalini kriya session
  • Theoretical workshop sessions on foundation of kundalini and kriya yoga traditions, kriya and kundalini yoga meditation techniques, various pranayama (breath-work) techniques, mudras (psychic gestures) and bandhas (energy locks)
  • Learning how to create different yoga programs to influence the energies of the Chakras.
  • Practical workshop sessions on each Chakra; discussing psycho-therapeutic, spiritual and pranic dimensions of Chakra system.
  • Advanced Chakra dharana, kundalini yoga and tantra visualization techniques.
  • Every day supplementary session on various topics of yoga and techniques taught during retreat program

Kundalini Retreat Program Schedule

This includes :
  • 6 days and 7 nights accommodation with 2 healthy meals daily.
  • Daily 2 classes of Kundalini Yoga Asana, Pranayama/Meditation and Yogic Philosophy.
  • Specific asanas (postures), Breathing and Meditation to bring the flexibility in the body and to activate the energy of different chakras (energy centers). The whole process is aimed to bring the mind in silence so a person get the clarity about thoughts.
  • Yogic Cleansing to purify the body and mind.
  • One Ayurveda massage & Shirodhara anytime in 6 days.
  • Local Tempe visit to connect with higher energy one eve.
  • Fire Ceremony for freedom by block energy


  • US $450 per person, including food and accommodation (Double Occupancy)
  • US $550 per person, including food and accommodation (Single Occupancy)

Kundalini Retreat Program Schedule

  • Kundalini yoga introduction and practical session
  • breakfast
  • F/DAY Fire ceremony/ havan,S/DAY Meditation and Philosophy
  • Lunch
  • Note : Get rest of the day free to enjoy the natural beauty and other location or join any other course.


: You will check in on the eve of 14th in hotel, Ashram, or Guesthouse, after confirmation of your registration. The retreat starts on 15th morning.Kindly bring and wear a white dress at the time of opening ceremony (fire ceremony/Havan) and closing ceremony/certification.
A fire ceremony is a powerful Native American practice used to release unwanted energies and attachments from the past and make space for new intentions. & The Sanskrit word Homa (होम) is from the root hu, which refers to "pouring into fire, offer, sacrifice". Some sources treat the words homa/homam and havan (Sanskrit: हवन) as synonymous.
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