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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

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Our 200 hrs of certified yoga teacher training course based on Hatha/Astanga yoga covers few concepts of kundalini yoga.

Braham Yoga offers a comprehensive and unique combination of 200 hour Hatha/Astanga and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program at its Yoga Centre in the city of Rishikesh (INDIA ) on the banks of the sacred river Ganga. This program will provide training in both the art and science of Yoga and Kundalini Yoga.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga contains the essence of all other yogas, spiritual paths and religion. Kundalini is kind of special energy in our body, stay in lower energy center in the pelvic region in the form of three & half coil. Because of its supine flow, we are stuck with different attachments and fears, those are the cause of sufferings. The Kundalini yoga teacher training brings awareness of consciousness to achieve the clear understanding of life.

Through its philosophy and practice, one can understand and realize the non-dual consciousness as well as ourselves and the world around us with all its politics, chaos, economics, joy, sufferings and cultural conflicts. The word Kundalini has been derived from the word Kunda which means a deep place. The word Kundalini refers to the Shakti or power where it mostly resides close to mooladhara chakra in its dormant potential state. In terms of modern psychology, it can be called the unconscious in man.

The Kundalini is the energy present at the base of the spine that can be raised up through the body awakening each of the seven chakras from Mooladhara to Sahrshara. Full enlightenment occurs when this energy reaches the Sahrshara (crown chakra) at the top of the head.

Each Kundalini and Tantra Yoga Asana series is done with a specific breathing technique that intensifies the effects of the poses with the purpose of freeing energy in the lower body and allowing it to move upwards. Kundalini sequences (called Kriyas) may consist of rapid, repetitive movements done with in conjunction with a designated breathing method or holding a pose while breathing in a particular way.

The main work of the class is called a kriya, which is a proscribed sequence of poses and Pranayama that focuses on a precise area of the body.

Benefit of Kundalini Yoga, Brahamyoga, Rishikesh

  • Physical level:- It is very effective to cure the different diseases from the physical body such as high-low blood pressure, diabetes, constipation, back pain, sciatica, cervical pain, anemia etc by the practice of specific Kundalini yoga asana and breathing.
  • Mind level:- Most of the physical illness and diseases comes through the mind. By the practice of Kundalini yoga, tension, anxiety, insomnia, lethargies, imbalance of nervous system, and all the related diseases of mind can be cure. Its Improves the consciousness level of the mind to get positivity and happiness.
  • Spiritual level:- By Kundalini yoga practice, the light of knowledge can be seen within. By the knowledge of the self, ignorance disappear. The self is free from all illusions, bringing by the mind. Three different forms of life we experience every day

Awakening stage, Dreaming stage, and Deep sleep. In awakening stage what ever we experience, everything seems true. In dreaming stage we forget this awakening stage experiences and something new is there to experience which seems true. In deep sleep both stages disappear and even our name & form disappear. Then what is the truth? What is real? Only one Truth is there and that is the self, which never change. I never change but all the experience changing. That I is self. Self is untouched by all stages of experience. Himalayan traditional Kundalini yoga brings the connectivity with the true self so all the illusion of suffering disappear and we get balance life.

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