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Meditation Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Our 200 hrs of certified yoga teacher training course based on Hatha/Astanga yoga covers few concepts of meditaion pranayam.

Braham Yoga offers comprehensive and unique Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training Rishikesh with his 200 hrs Hatha/Astanga teacher training at its Yoga Centre on the banks of the sacred river Ganga. Students take keen interest to learn and work with therapeutic groups in a variety of settings. This training forms the foundation of our Professional Yoga and Meditation.

What is meditation

1. Meditation means concentrate to focus, being able to imagine any kind of objects. There is the three words highly connected to each other is- meditation, meditator and the objects of meditation . People do mix up concentration with meditation but meditation is all about concentrate to the object that helps to meditate and to reveal the nature of the object as it is. A meditator reaches to the core of the object by meditation. It is deeper and happens when the mind is free of thoughts, serene and at peace. It helps us bond with others. It brings the feeling of peacefulness, sense of stability and comfort.

2.Meditation develops a pleasant and social personality, establishes a deep sense of health and well-being. Like if you find it difficult to forgive someone easily then meditation is the right way for u. In today life where everyone is busy in their hectic schedule, meditation helps us to achieve work-life balance. It enhances the mental clarity and decision making skills.

3. One should not overdo meditation but do it for like 15-20 minutes and perform it at a place where noise is under control. The person who meditates can lead a happy and healthier mental life.

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