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Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

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Our 200 hrs of certified yoga teacher training course based on Hatha/Astanga yoga covers few concepts of therupatic yoga.

Therapeutic Yoga Training

Braham Yoga has come up with comprehensive and unique Therapeutic Yoga Training which brings the body into balance. The therapeutic yoga training can be performed by ageing people as well as pregnant women. It is a blend of breath work, gentle yoga and guided meditation techniques that makes it the best choice for those who need a gentle but effective practice.

Therapeutic yoga training covers the basic of yoga therapy and treatment technology. It is best for those suffering from chronic illness or injury and for yoga practitioners of all levels. Those who want to become a yoga teacher or instructor will gain strength in confidence and more knowledge and skills. The Therapeutic yoga training also offers a great education in the gentler styles of yoga that can be incorporated into more active classes.

This Certified Training Course offers a comprehensive and highly refined curriculum that includes

  • Physiology of stress and relaxation
  • Instruction for meditating for stress reduction and healing
  • Sequencing yoga poses
  • Scar tissue and adhesions
  • Breath work
  • Restorative yoga poses and theory
  • Anatomy for yoga
  • Energy healing techniques

The Therapeutic Yoga Training is experiential. A well-organized system is there with the combination of Lectures with demonstrations of yoga poses, followed by sessions where one can easily get the teaching experience. This Therapeutic Yoga Training Program inculcates the healing power of yoga. Many people have started their own hospitals, training centers and institutes where this gentle type of yoga is incorporated.

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